Shirley Robertson OBE, Double gold medallist and TV Presenter

  Two up and around the world
9 February 2011

Two up and around the world

This month CNN MAINSAIL goes into the world of a sporting contest that puts more pressure on the strength of human relationships than, arguably, any other.

Barcelona World Race 2011 Imagine spending around three months with just one other person, living in cramped conditions, only sleeping in bursts of a few minutes at any time with a daily diet of freeze dried food. This is a world where danger could be only moments away and when for twenty four hours of every day there is one thing that matters above all else… to be first home in an extraordinary race.

This is the life that the crew who are competing in the Barcelona World Race are living as they race non stop around the world.

On the last day of 2010 Shirley Robertson was with the fourteen teams that set sail from Barcelona in hugely powerful racing machines to begin the longest race for a two person team in any sport, a 25000 mile lap of the planet by sail.

Shirley spends time with those about to take on this huge challenge in the final hours before they leave and is there on the dockside as they say there emotional farewells. When the crews are at sea Robertson talks to them via satellite phone when the dramas unfold. And in a race as brutal as this dramas are part of day to day life; from skippers being taken for emergency surgery prior to the race starting, one of the favourites seeing their carbon fibre mast crash down and shatter, to race leaders being forced to stop for emergency repairs. It is a compelling contest….

Watch the drama of this extraordinary sailing competition around the world on this site at:
CNN Mainsail – February 2011