Shirley Robertson OBE, Double gold medallist and TV Presenter

  Maxi world championships
16 October 2012

Maxi world championships

Shirley is in Sardinia to see a world title contest between some of the world’s most successful men in business with one of the world’s most beautiful locations providing the backdrop.

The Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, hosted at the Yacht Club in Porto Cervo (Sardinia) is one of the most glamorous regatta’s in sailing. Some entries and their full time crews travel thousands of miles to compete here and the dockside is a feast of gleaming hardware, all race prepared, ready and waiting for their owners to arrive. From the shore it all looks like a concours d’elegance but these yachts are here to be raced and for one class, the Mini Maxi Yachts, the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup is their World Championships.

Over the last two years the founder of Skype, Sweden’s Niklas Zennström and his team on ‘RAN’ have been in a class of their own and they won the 2011 and 2012 World title, but for this year’s event new yachts have been constructed by owners who are focused on bringing ‘RAN’S’ winning streak to an end. Amongst them, is US financier Hap Faurth, whose newly assembled world class crew, have wanted for nothing in the build up to the event, in a bid to take the World title to the USA.

Three others crews have upgraded for the 2013 event, all believe that they have the potential to stop RAN running away with the title again.

With access on board the yachts and to the owners and crews, Shirley and the team bring Mainsail viewers a unique insight to a private world where business giants compete on the ocean for sporting supremacy, with the World Champion not decided until the final moments on the very last day

Watch here: CNN Mainsail – October 2012