Shirley Robertson OBE, Double gold medallist and TV Presenter

  CNN Mainsail – January 2014
20 January 2014

CNN Mainsail – January 2014

Shirley heads to Auckland and the Team New Zealand base. After coming tantalisingly close to winning the America’s Cup in 2013, can Team New Zealand recover from their dramatic loss in 2014. Wounds still run deep but with government backing Grant Dalton and Dean Baker have the opportunity to keep key players in place and start the search for sponsorship again.

Also in Sydney, Australia speaking to Rob Mundle and Sandy Oatley. In 1983, Australia II broke the American stranglehold on the America’s Cup, can they recreate that magic over 30 years later?

Can Team New Zealand return stronger in 2014?

What does is take to win the America’s Cup?

Australia return to the America’s Cup