Shirley Robertson OBE, Double gold medallist and TV Presenter

  CNN Mainsail – April 2014
18 April 2014

CNN Mainsail – April 2014

The Mainsail team visit Sydney Harbour and explore Australia’s ability to produce some of the world’s best sailors. From the depression to the 70′s the 18 foot skiff’s became the rock ‘n’ roll of sailing, a development class that has fueled innovation, nurtured sailing talent and has it’s place in Australian sailing folklore.

Shirley talks to Iain Murray, 6-time 18 foot Skiff World Champion on being part of Australia’s 18 footers league and grooming his protégé for success. Plus Adam South and John Winning on what it’s like to compete in this revolutionary class.

Australia’s rich sailing tradition

Sailing legend’s epic career

The F1 boats of the water