Shirley Robertson OBE, Double gold medallist and TV Presenter



The BBC and CNN international have both identified Shirley’s talent as a communicator, as have those who have heard her talk to a live audience. Of course Shirley has a compelling and inspirational story to tell yet her story is just one aspect of her work in this area.

From team building, media training and motivational sessions to groups of all sizes, to hosting major conferences and award ceremonies – Shirley combines an intelligent and well prepared delivery with spontaneity, charm and an infectious sense of humor.

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Campbell Fleming, Executive Director Head of Distribution

Threadneedle Asset Management
“There may be another Olympic double Gold medalist who can inspire an audience, motivate your team, deliver a compelling and unique management training day or engage so successfully with clients from all walks of life or nationalities, but I really doubt it. Having worked with Shirley in these capacities for several years I can say she is quite exceptional and is an amazing ambassador for any company. Shirley’s versatility, extraordinary media ability, touch with clients and staff alike combined with an infectious personality are as memorable and special as her Olympic record.”